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Ricky Mcfarlane 

My career has seen me work with over 100 professional athletes from over ten different sports and on three continents. My particular area of expertise is combat sports and field based sports rehabilitation. I am currently the consultant head of Sport science at Swindon Town in the EFL, and coordinate our various consultancy outreaches.


dr. Joe TRIOLO

I am a chiropractor with a passion to help those from elite athletes to weekend warriors. I believe that being objective is key, with a plethora of testing to help identify imbalances in the nervous system. I am currently the Head of Medical at Swindon Town fc in the EFL, And head up our medical consultancy work.

I look forward to seeing you at our center.



Adam hart

I have 30 years experience spanned over three sports. From being a professional footballer to kickboxing champion and professional boxer. My knowledge of what it takes to physically prepare for sporting success is invaluable. Mixing my knowledge with now professional sports management, I can offer a diverse set of skills to help develop any athelete.



I am a sports therapist and massage therapist with a passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Post graduating with a 1st Class honours in Sports Therapy BSc I plan to continue a masters in sports medicine. I am still studying and will continue to expand my knowledge as education never stops! I truly believe I can aid you with any issue your body is experiencing to make sure you are always feel your best!  

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I hold a masters in strength and conditioning and have experience implementing my knowledge in a professional football environment as a s&c coach and sports scientist. I have a passion for working with people, including sport professionals and individuals that have their own unique physical, lifestyle and performance goals. I thoroughly believe that with the right mindset, everybody's athletic capabilities can be unleashed!


George Keen BSC

 I am the current lead first team lead strength and conditioning coach for Swindon Town fc. I hold a first class degree in Sport science from loughborough university. I have played rugby for Loughborough university 1st tea, however my passion and expertise lean towards endurance sports such as triathlon and ultra marathons. 


Tom Dudeney BSC MSC

I hold a degree in Sports rehabilitation, and a masters in strength & conditioningI Head up the youth development phase at HQ, and am the first team lead medical at Billericay town fc. I have also worked with the Australia mens rugby 1st team and multiple world champion fighters in a rehab capacity.

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