Welcome to a new era of group training

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With each day bringing a different style of training we are able to develop your physical well-being whilst keeping it fresh and exciting. Step into a world of high performance designed around you. Small training groups of up to five people allow for great motivation but with a personal touch. Our group sessions sizes provide the opportunity for each person to get the attention to detail they deserve. Using our signature session styles: PWR Moves, Engine PWR, Raw PWR & Peak PWR we aim to provide a training experience that is truly unique in 45 minutes. 

weekly TIMETABLe


Warm up for the week ahead with our movement and form based session utilizing various mobility, conditioning and resistance techniques. 


Engine pwr

Whether hijacking your heart rate or releasing your inner endurance athlete, Engine PWR brings a fun and challenging twist to conditioning training.

tuesday & thursday


Barbells, dumbbells and hip hop strong and lean is the new sexy. Learn superior technique and look good doing it.



Run, throw, jump, spirit. lift. Peak your weeks training with a combination of all  of our classes rolled into one.


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